Registered Master Builders in Auckland

Taylormade Residential is proud to be member of Registered Master Builders. This stamp of approval means we produce high quality work and can offer building warranties to protect your property long after our construction project wraps. Master Build Services is committed to finishing your home to the highest standards.

What it Means to be a Master Builder

Becoming a Master Builder is an honour held in the highest regard. It means we have a trusted brand, write contracts that drive home protection, give our clients peace of mind, and have completed rigorous training. The team at Taylormade Residential has a very specialised set of skills that make it easy to guarantee the quality of our work.

The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee

The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee is a warranty that protects your new build or renovation. When you have a master builder on the job, it’s securing the longevity of your investment. This guarantee has protected more than 140,000 homes since its formal inception 25 years ago. Ask us how we can tailor this warranty to fit your project needs.

Take Advantage of The Master Build Guarantee

The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee is flexible and can be modified to meet your specific project needs. When you work with Taylormade Residential, we want to give you peace of mind about longevity of your property. Let’s work together to draw up a guarantee that protects what matters most to you. To learn more about the warranty, visit:

On top of our Master Builders Guarantee, we also have our very own Customer Promise Policy. Click below to read more about our promises to YOU!

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